Business Law and Litigation Attorney
Stefanie C. Moon

As a business owner, you protect your physical assets like buildings, vehicles and/or products with insurance. What about those intangible assets — reputation, client relationships, ideas and corporate identity — that distinguish your company from the competition? What happens when an individual or company damages or infringes on any of these? That’s when it’s critical to have an attorney who understands the larger picture and nuances of commercial litigation law on your side. Business litigation attorney Stefanie C. Moon is just such an advocate. In fact, business law has been her primary focus since 1994.

What types of cases does a business litigation attorney handle?

A company needs an attorney who specializes in business law, also referred to as commercial litigation law, when someone does something to harm its client relationships or intellectual property. A company’s intellectual property can be anything from inventions, literary and artistic works to symbols, names, images and designs.  

Drawing up or interpreting business contracts as well as other business law matters such as deceptive trade practices, breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property infringement and investor fraud all fall within the scope of what business litigation attorney Stefanie Moon handles.

Not only does attorney Moon bring years of experience in business litigation to her clients, her efficient, collaborative approach is essential to protecting the best interests of small businesses and individuals.

Attorney Moon helps clients address concerns in the following areas of commercial litigation law:

• Business Torts

• Construction Litigation

• Labor & Employment

• Landlord/Tenant

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